What are the Best Online MBA Programs That one Should Look out for?

Online MBA Programs, also known as the “distance learning MBA “presents an ideal means for adults to complete their degree while continuing to work and maintain family commitments. While the number of programs has increased tremendously over the recent years, the quality of the online MBA programs differs from one another. Generally, the online programs fit into one of two categories; those that are ‘virtual’ schools such as the University of Phoenix Online MBA, and those that are given by established ‘bricks and mortar’ institutions such as the Duke University.

Virtual schools offer a wide variety of online MBA Programs with huge range of prices and different schedules; on top of that, they are also cheaper as compared to mba. those of traditional schools. However, some of the ‘virtual’ programs can be pretty lax in their due date for assignments completion which may be suitable for those who want to study part time and currently working. Some of the ‘virtual’ programs tend to have very lax admission requirements too.

On the other hand, the online MBA Programs provided by established brick and mortar institutions are of different breed as compared to those offered by the ‘virtual’ schools. Those offered by traditional institutions have higher admission requirements, cost more and possess more rigorous curriculums.

Characteristics of Top online MBA programs

  1. The best online MBA schools will cover in-depth management topics and case studies, plus foundational course work such as accounting, economics, marketing and others.
  2. Online MBA programs typically offer you the choice of majoring in any specialty area. And whatever path you choose, both theoretical and practical training will be incorporated into your courses.
  3. Top online MBA programs will provide online tutorial or basic introduction class to give you a chance to practice using their online learning tools in advance for you to familiarize with the new technology and communication resources.

The following are some of the selected top MBA schools offering Top MBA programs via the internet.

A. Earn your MBA degree online through AIU ( American Intercontinental University ). Some of the good online MBA programs are Business Administration, Information technology and Criminal Justice. AIU online programs are designed for maximum flexibility.

You can attend classes full-time or part-time at any of over 75 commuter-friendly locations around the country. For even more convenience, you can even switch between classroom and online study, course by course.

B. Founded in 1881, University of Liverpool has earned an international reputation for high quality and is one of the most highly respected educational institutions in the uk. The University of Liverpool’s pursuit of excellence has gained global recognition, including eight Nobel prizes. It has been a catalyst for pioneering educational programs, such as the partnership with Laureate Online Education that launched the first truly international online Masters programs in the uk. 100% of the coursework is done online. Some of the well known MBA from University of Liverpool are Master of Business Administration (Finance and accounting), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Global Consumer Marketing.

C. University of Phoenix is dedicated to meeting the needs of working students. They offer conveniently located campuses and business centers as well as flexible online learning format available in most countries around the world. Regardless of where you are, you’ll receive a real-world education with real value. Some of the best programs available are: Master of Business administration, Master of science in Accounting and Master of Health Administrations.

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